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Whisper upon the Water, Book 1

Native American Historical Romance

Tanayia is alone in the world.  Her village destroyed and her people

murdered by a group of revolutionares who now hold her hostage.  A daring

escaped on the edge of Cochise's stronghold saves Tanayia's life, but she 

discovers her ordeal is only beginning.

Forced to live in a government run boarding school, Tanayia is stripped of her

identity. The headmistress is bent on destroying Tay, but Jacob Five-Wounds

stands in her way.


Jacob urges Tay to run away with him—but when diphtheria strikes the school.

Tanayia must make a choice--a choice she knows may cost her both, Jacob and his love. 

“This well-researched novel is taunt with all the tensions and passions of any tale in which the characters are trapped. That Sister Enid eventually gets her comeuppance (and from a native doctor, too) is only just and satisfying, and an epilogue tells of both the compromises and the triumphs of Tay’s marriage to Jacob Five-Wounds (once a fellow inmate of the school.”

A-! ~ The McQuark Review

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Romance/ Romantic Suspense

Connie Vines

Author of Multi-Genre Fiction

​​​​Lynx, Rodeo Romance

​Short Contemporary Romance

With a dangerous reputation for taking chances and tempting fate, rugged cowboy

Lynx Maddox had one goal in life--to win the coveted Silver Buckle rodeo championship

But when he sets eyes on lovely Rachel Scott, he becomes determined to capture her

as well.  

H.O.L.T. Medallion, finalist; Orange Rose, finalist; Award of Excellence, winner; Fool for Love, finalist

~Lynx & Rachel, the paths they take are what makes for page turning reading.   A gifted writer.

"Under the Covers" Review

~Set amidst the excitement and danger of the rodeo world. Instant Action/Sizzling Attraction.  This story kept the pages turning and the box of tissues close at hand. AOL "Romance Reviews"

"Kiss-Ass Heroine"!

Brede, Rodeo Romance, Book 2

Romantic Suspense

Trouble is something hard-edged rancher, Brede Kristensen, knows all about. A widower with a

rambunctious young daughter, a ranch to run and an ornery cook who has just runoff, Brede

doesn’t need another problem. Yet in the midst of a violent storm, he finds an injured woman.

The beautiful woman can’t recall her name or her past, but Brede vows to protect her from harm.

What he hadn’t bargained for was her laughter and gentleness finding a way into the lonely

corners of his heart.

Rating: 4 cups for “Brede” Rodeo Romance, Book 2
Maura, CoffeeTimeRomance and Find Out About New Books

“’Brede’ is an emotionally involving thrilling suspense filled with passion and romance. The characters a fully developed and will have the reader caring about the outcome. . .A wonderful heartfelt story that will thrill the readers.
5 Hearts  Anita, The Romance Studio


Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow

Sassy & Fun Fantasy Series, Novella 

Alive, Steampunk novelist Meredith Misso worked hard at living the perfect SoCal celeb life.

Now that she is a Zombie, it’s all about the make-up, non-vegan lifestyle, and her

soon-to-be ex, who somehow managed to Velcro himself back into her life. 

“Quirky, Sassy, and Fun! ~Authors Den Review

4 Stars, A fun story, and the beginning of what appears to be a fun series!

~Natanella, Good Reads Review. 

~Connie Vines’ sassy, fun fantasy series is packed with adventure and romance in another realm. Whether you are a zombie groupie or this is your first introduction to the zombie world like it was for me, you will get caught up in the fun characters and interesting story of the undead.

~Theodocia McLean, Cold Coffee Press, endorses “Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow”  as a must read!